IMC & Me.

Formal Introductions
IMC. Integrated Marketing Communications. To be formal with you (very briefly), Dr Nives Zubcevic (my IMC Convenor & Lecturer)  in the first lecture supplied the 200 of us eager advertisers-to-be with a definition for IMC from Advertising Authority, Mr Tom Duncan. He described IMC as “a process for planning, executing and monitoring the brand messages that create customer relationships” (Duncan 2005). In a lecture about creativity in week 5, Nives explained it to be the upmost effective when it is (the creativity, that is) something that is a shared human truth. Something that everyone can relate to, respond to and remember. This notion stayed with me, and took me back, right back to when I first recognised advertising in all of its glory.

My first introduction to Advertising was as a child, and of course, it was McDonald’s. It wasn’t your typical Ronald McDonald ad, it featured an elderly couple, very much in love on an afternoon trip to their local McDonald’s during the summer time for a 50c cone. The song playing in the background will always remind me of the ad – My baby just cares for me by Nina Simone. I remember smiling and feeling really happy, then questioning why something so simple and insignificant (the word for advertising then to the young 9 year old Olivia who just wanted to watch the taped Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance without ad breaks) had just made me feel so.. well.. so happy. Even if it was just for the duration of the 30 second ad. The 21 year old Olivia says to the 9 year old Olivia; “well my dear, that’s advertising”.

When did I know that I wanted nothing more than to be part of this world?
September 22, 2012, New York, New York, USA.

What I now do to power my love for advertising:

Yes I sadly sit in front of my MacBook and melt every time Donald Draper takes the screen on the hit American TV Show ‘Mad Men’. Aside from his handsome and overwhelmingly charming character, I enjoy spending time as a fly on the wall of a 1960’s NYC Advertising Agency.

So how does my blog work?

Scroll down a little further until you see my recent posts and work through them from the bottom up, so you can read along in the same order that I wrote them.

I just realised I had almost forgotten to formally introduce myself, I’m Olivia – Swinburne final year marketing student with clearly a little too much time on my hands! Only kidding, I wish!


Reference List 

Duncan, T 2005, The Principles of Advertising and IMC, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Australia.


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